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I am an experienced designer providing art direction and creative solutions in many areas of design. This includes, visual identity, editorial design, web development, illustration, project management and accessibility features for assistive technologies (AODA and WCAG). As a strategic thinker and planner, I see projects from concept through production to delivery of print and digital materials, all on budget.

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As a creative person I enjoy creating solutions for both print and digital for my clients. During the last year I have added accessibility to my skill set in order to help my clients to become AODA compliant. Over the last few years I have been involved in many visual identity projects where brands are being refreshed or starting new in order to promote their business at a greater level within their industries.

Below is a sample of my design work. If you wish to see more of my portfolio, please click here to contact me.


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Visual Identity and refreshing a brand

My involvement with visual identity refreshes for corporate assets have included, corporate templates such as business cards, letterhead, collateral, advertisements, presentation templates, trade show booths and company building signage.

Many times my role has been to advise and provide concepts and designs for corporate templates and all other aspects of a refresh or rebrand. I have also provided end user templates for presentations, data sheets, letterhead and other admin assets.

During the refresh, written guidelines for how to use the new visual elements, such as logo, tag lines, colour palette, and templates were also created for internal and external use.

Company Branding
Interactive and UX Design

For this workbook, I was asked to design an interactive and accessible PDF file to be used for both digital and print. Digital was to be the primary usage. The business objectives were to help internal communications teams plan and strategize for public and corporate communications. Since the workbook needed to be usable for both digital and print, a landscape 8.5” x 11” page template was designed that included an interactive table of contents on all pages. Also included on all pages, header and footer text along with previous and next page links to make usage smoother went referring to the many tables in the workbook. The visual design of the workbook was kept consistent with the organization’s new branding, including logo, colour palette and imagery.

The end result of this workbook was that user testing of the page template and functionality went well and all testers were able to navigate from one chapter to the next and find content easily.

Photoshop and photo collages
Website Design

The team for Adlib’s new responsive site, a project manager, myself as graphic designer, two web developers and a copy writer, The important factors for the new site were; customer experience, mobility, UX/UI, site navigation and visual identity. We started with the UX/UI design, taking into consideration all aspects of customer’s interactions, learning needs, reading ease and primary call-to-action for each page. For the visual identity, promotion of Adlib’s new brand was paramount, adding the logo and new colour palette and establishing new line of corporate imagery to represent Adlib’s new visual identity. With Adlib’s site, various web page templates were designed for each section, and then coded by two web developers for use throughout the site.

The end result was not only a responsive web site, but also content and graphics from the site were re-used to enhance the overall visual identity and brand experience for the customer. Graphics were also reused in advertising and corporate presentations. Please visit one of these three web pages: The Adlib home page. and Adlib partner page or the What's Your Story page

Adlib Web Site Design
Ad Campaigns

Over the years, I have designed advertisements for both print and digital. Working with a writer, along with the messaging and graphics. The designs I have provided for advertising have been around the promotion of webinar presentation or product release.

Using either stock photography or custom photos, I spend a time in Photoshop working adjusting the image and then adding the messaging and or motions to create an end product of either a still image or an animated GIF file. All are posted to the web as series of animated GIFs. Shown on this page are a series of print ads for a product promotion and a series of animated Google ads for a webinar.

Ad Campaigns
Corporate Communications

On a weekly bases I receive many newsletters and in particular from various stock photography companies. These newsletters were far more dynamic than the one we were creating on a monthly bases, thus I suggested and proposed an update to design of the newsletter template along with a few samples of newsletters to the team. As a team we revamped the amount of content, lessened it to three or four articles, one headline for each with a descriptive sentence and a call-to-action. Working with the web developer, the original design had to be tweaked a bit for html coding and easier use by the marketing coordinator who did not know html code. I designed concepts and then presented them to the team. In the end the web developer had to code the new template from scratch and then import a new template into the third party software.

By updating email and newsletter templates this enhanced the corporate brand and the customer response. It created a greater lead generation and the customer seeing the company as a more trusted business to partner with for future business.

Digital Corporate Newsletter And Email Templates
Bilingual Design for a User Conference

All signage and booklet were designed for usage in both French and English. The project included a full conference booklet in both French and English. A flip-flop design for the conference booklet was done so that both languages would not have to share a booklet or share a front cover. Finished printed size was 8" x 10". For the mini agenda, final size was 4" x 2.75". Printed signage was done with each language having it's own sign and not both languages on both signs.

User Group Branding
Corporate Collateral

For many companies I have designed corporate collateral. Often designing and establishing a visual brand for the company while updating the content of such assets as brochures, presentation templates, pull up banners etc. I am very familiar with publication design and layout corporate collateral.

Print Collateral

Promoting a brand in large scale format is always fun and an exciting design project. Using both imagery and illustrations to create unique back drops for any sized space. Many designs have been for both pop-up fabric backgrounds or pre-determined shelf scheme layouts. Using both photo imagery and illustrations I am able to create unique back drops for any sized space. Below are four both spaces, two shelf scheme and two fabric pop-up booths. Along with two vertical banners that were used for product promotion.

Tradeshow Graphics
Photoshop and Collages

Over the years, I have spent a lot of time in Adobe Photoshop and manipulating imagery to either suit a project or to create a unique image for a project. For the software companies I have worked for, unique images were always needed as their subjects and content were quite specific and many of the stock imagery libraries did not contain an image that would work for the project. Many times I have also had to make correctional edits to backgrounds and deleting unwanted tattoos from models. At times I also have fun adding a different background to make a photo collage with a variety of images.

Photoshop and photo collages

For many companies, I have designed and created corporate pitch deck presentations and webinar templates for use by employees. All are fully branded with the company’s visual identity and have a variety of page templates for different uses. Working in PowerPoint, Photoshop and Illustrator I am able create visual slides that translate the presenter’s message or the company’s branded message. Below and to the right are two examples, presentation templates.

Presentation Design Samples
Illustrations, Infographics & Icons

The infographics or iconology I have designed explains company technology, product features or the company's industry. Many of these infographics and icons are reused digitally for web ads or in print for collateral, posters and tradeshow booth backdrops.

The custom illustration on the left was used for a tradeshow booth banner. Depicting redundant data and paper files, it has been reused in digital ads and print collateral to promote the company's messaging. On the right is a marketing infographic with a specific for a sales call or visit.

Print Collateral
Copywriting and Design for a Pet Tracker Advertisement

I am currently taking a copywriting course to add to my skill set. Writing for advertisements and social media campaigns is where I am headed next. In the advertisement below I wrote the copy based on content found on the product’s web site. This included headline, money-back guarantee, call-to-action and list for product features. All designed for a full page print ad and social media text ad.

Print Collateral
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